We are a couple of guys who like to hack things in our spare time. Bitcoin and the concept of cryptocurrencies are fascinating, and we love digging deep into the blockchain and to try new things. We enjoy pretty serious mathematics, using our brains, and solving puzzles. Taken together, that’s more or less why we do any and all of this.

None of us are professional coders. That should be fairly obvious when you audit our scripts. When it comes to code, we believe in “good is good enough.” In other words, if a script works as intended, we’re happy.

A few words about hacking: It can mean many things, from soldering together parts from electronic toys to breaking into the NSA and dumping all of their databases. Some people make a clear distinction between ethical hacking and unethical hacking. We are not entirely sure where to draw that line.

We mean no harm and have no ill intentions. All of this is for personal entertainment and self-education. And sharing our findings with others who might appreciate and even enjoy it.

Our goal is definitely not to rob Fort Knox and run away with the federal gold reserve. Or… maybe it is what truly drives us? I guess we can’t know for sure before we manage to break that door open, metaphorically speaking, and are presented with the opportunity.

Until then, let’s play around and have fun. Enjoy the ride!

One more thing!

Consider the donation address at the bottom of the page. We re-invest all contributions into new projects for btcleak.com. Help us create new content and remain ad-free forever. Thank you.