Scraping Pastebin for private keys

A pastebin is a text storage site and the largest one is itself. Pastebins have many legit uses, such as sharing code with others (the original intended use), but over the years, pastebins have also become go-to places for dodgy affairs such as doxing.

Every now and then, people unintentionally share stuff not meant for the public domain. Such as Bitcoin private keys. Uh-oh.

Therefore, pastebins are regularly scraped using various programs and scripts (and bots), of which EMAGNET is a prime example.

We decided to test how fast we will be robbed. For this purpose, we have sent 0.0001 BTC to


with this transaction id.

… and – this is the key part – published its private key as a public paste without an expiry date. We will not link to the exact paste here (yet); we won’t do all the work for you.

We’ll give you humans and bots a couple of hours. We hypothesize that someone will indeed sweep the 10k satoshi, but we have been wrong before and we will not be super-surprised if we’re able to transfer it back tomorrow.

It will be exciting to see how fast pastbin scrapers are with Bitcoin. Whatever happens, we will of course link to the paste, after someone else took the coins, or when we took them back.

Good hunting! Comments or questions?

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8 Replies to “Scraping Pastebin for private keys”

  1. After two full hours, no one has claimed the coins. Strange! Here is the paste

    We will give you a couple of minutes more.


  2. Pastebin wasn’t as nasty as we thought it would be. The private key was exposed for almost 3 full hours until we swept it back, in mint condition (well, minus transaction fees)


  3. Now that the transaction is finally confirmed – it was in the mempool for 6 long days due to its very low transaction fee – we can furthermore conclude no one took the opportunity to steal it “in transit”, as the private key was disclosed here AND “replace by fee” (RBF) enabled, meaning you could have rerouted our transaction back to your own address with a higher transaction fee. Too late now 🙂


  4. Just Curious to know July 28, 2020 at 6:57 AM

    How to create vanity p2wpkh-p2sh address??


    1. Just Curious to know July 28, 2020 at 7:02 AM

      These 2 keys results in different address, KzjG6Ufq4ENPPEjvGFRgPLsvhmcgxhewYV5L4iLetn4zNaNmP4bA, 68B6C3B3F287C9F7E7AEBEB01689033788B6F930580CA2ADB6CCC6DA63F2B225 for 1F2CyMWjhnu5Jq22yG1nq2Qfx17wRMou5K, 1LS5pDx7jhYXWhVmnXxakMqpbD31RMa2c. Then how can we get a vanity address 3PastegzjwWvK6Ao34NMPZU9XDZ8yq1gsE with the same private key??


  5. Hi there! Every 32-byte hexadecimal private key corresponds to (at least) FOUR different Bitcoin public addresses, explained here:

    We used this tool to create the vanity address

    Simply “vanitysearch -gpu -stop -t 0 -3Paste”

    We good?


    1. Just Curious to know July 29, 2020 at 9:03 AM

      You are the best…
      Lots of Love 🙂


    2. Thats works on core i7 and GTX 1050Ti only and not work by others processor and VGA type.


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